Unique BIO_GLOW Network L.L.C
Unique BIO_GLOW Network L.L.C


Join me in my Mighty Network

I am Coach ReVell, a Life Coach that made a network of holistic Life Coaches from ground up.I am passionate about empowering others mentally, physically and spiritually with a community!

Our mission is to provide a diverse Network space to 150,000 professionals or individuals wanting to enhance their lives through the power of community. 

UNIQUE BIO is a community that Celebrate your life, community, career and legacy by connecting in our richly designed & welcoming space for urban professionals looking glow up with life coaching, also Faith  oriented well-being, and reinforcements to your vision of your life experience. We're here to help serve & build & strengthen your network of relationships, not just in our city, but across the nation.

 We are a "Haven" that provides space for people who feels like they are stuck, or who can't make that breakthrough of faith and life also works. Finding that balanced state that brings that glow, and passionate drive, or how to store that passion for the long game into your desired vision will create the Game Changer you yearn to be.

Let's grow together while giving unto your selfies( no not posing for the frame 🤣🤣 your premium mechanisms that are uncovered during the powerful sessions we will have curated for Uniquely You!!) gaining entrance to the tools you need to handle your next levels that will Moon Shoot effect your life Experience. 

Our members are a Unique and diverse Network of "CALLED" individuals, who "HAVE" Intuitive Charge within but have yet to find what that means much less how or what are the potential advantages one may seek to endure and prepare for their gifts to send out a SHOCK WAVE anAFTERSHOCKCK of being an "AMBASSADOR AS A CHOSEN ONE!" 

I too Amana AMBASSADOR for The Way, The Truth, And The Life of Well-being, and life coaching services to those who are finding the perfect treasure within...  (🤫💭👂🏽SPOILER ALERT: That treasure is YOU!🥳👸🏽🤴🏾👸🏻👸🏼👸🤴🏽🤴🤴🏻🤴) 👏🏾👏🏾🤗

My Impactful BioTransfiguration Faith Sessions is persons-centered care in mind. YOU are always FREE to choose what fits you, how deep we will dive, and how we will GPS this quality time exploring the Greatest success of The Divine Creator's Purpose YOU.

Simply and exquisitely YOU AND YOUR LIGHT MISSION, with the real support and Unconditional Vibe wisdom and experience with Love that opens the opportunities and gives you the tools to conquer your challenges, renewal of your mind RESTORATION PROCESS, GAINING your countenance back, building new interpersonal relationships with others whilst working within your calling, and every area of your life. 

Unique alignment for the narrow pathways, yet tedious journey of becoming,  being,  living,  working, in your authority from internal to external Force of your desired transition from you now and after the genus process begets THE PROCESS OF..... What You Chose and How you want to arrive for your Celebration of Being Chosen!

 , "NETWORK-BRIDGE", and learn from one another threshing and firey trails and triumphant tribulations, and together Navigate through the most Prolific Spaces of YOUR LIFE'S EMPOWERMENT AND DIVINE GLOWING PRESENT PRESENCE! 

Helping people find happiness, success, and spiritual growth. 

How we help others is by using 1st principle coachings approach and various types of coaching-training models also tools to apply that will "Allow Yourself inner journey" be the bridge to your outer purpose!

 We are your bridge that activates Your inner G.P.S( in compass of your Glow, Purposeful Soul) to lead you on your BioTrail into a pathway unto a New Way Of Life. Together Let's find your direction to YOUR desired outcomes, breakthroughs to new self dimensions,  transformative yet lasting results of your highest level of the "BioTransfiguration" process. "This Family is the Glow up"

Why You Should Join Me

A network is a group of people that are connected to one another through a common interest, knowledge, or experience. 

A network is also a type of social structure that is used to facilitate interactions and collaborations among its members.

 Networks can be physical or virtual, and they can be formal or informal. UNIQUE BIO_GLOW Network is a unique network that helps you develop relationships with new people who share your interests and passions.

There is no better feeling than being a part of a community. UNIQUE BIO_GLOW Network is the perfect place to be for those who want to build and strengthen their network of relationships.

 You will meet people with similar interests and enjoy the company of others. It is also the perfect place for those who want to make new friends or are looking for a new career path.

 You will find your fit in our network of like-minded people! So why wait?Join our family network Now! We can't wait to meet you on the inside! 

A Big Thanks

We are very happy to announce that our goal is to gain 150,000 members in 2023. We are asking for your help to make this goal happen. Your support will help us provide our life coach service to people in need. Please join us and help us reach our goal.

The MATINEE Glow Lounge. " Haven for Community Cultural Space Experience"

  • UrbanTeenz Talk Live
  • Hip-hop Yoga|Wellness/Well-being 
  • Unique Season/Holistic Healing and Nutrition 
  • Speed Networking 
  • GlowLight- Hosting and Coaching(The Members Turn)
  • Events and Mentors for Ambassadors and Moderators
  • Rapp SESSIONz MATINEE, community topics, meetups, community support and outreach activities, including conflict resolutions 
  • MR.Amaru Shakur’s "Community Centers Project" Dream Leagues From OUR neck of the hoodz to YOURz keeping our UNIQUE families Together!

Your at the right place at the righf time! Welcome!